There is no doubt that regular meditation develops a sane perspective. It is more clearly seen that we are all on this bus together, interconnected and interdependent, and if we are going to survive and thrive we need to learn to take care of each other.

Out of this basic sanity arises a deep wisdom and love that expresses through skillful and compassionate action. This is not a belief but a truth that has been scientifically validated many times.

Most people are deeply engaged in the on-going drama of their ‘me’ mind and never stop long enough to question whether any of what they are thinking and believing is actually true. This questioning is an act of existential courage that ultimately brings down the imaginary walls that separate us. This is true freedom.

- Tom Thompson


When awakening happens, the mind’s need to understand disappears into the unconditional love and acceptance of the Heart. - Tom Thompson

The Monday Night Meeting

The Monday Night Meeting, or satsang, is an on-going program. Satsang means association with the Truth. Satsang is an opportunity for people to come together with a spiritual teacher to ask questions, inquire into spiritual matters, or simply rest in the silence of Being. Satsang is a profound transformative process that takes place at a subtle level, often outside the awareness of the conscious mind.

MNM is an in-depth explorations of what it is to be and live consciously in the relationships and activities of our everyday lives.

These explorations will be based on Tom’s own experiences of awakening, transformation and actualization plus the teachings and practices of the great enlightenment traditions such as Zen, Taoism, Maha Ati, Non-dual Tantra, the Yogic Pathways, as well Transpersonal Psychology and The Human Potential Movement.

7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Cost: suggested donation $10

  • Please place donation in the bowl on the table in the shoe room. Make checks out to TAHC.
  • People will arrive in silence and the programs will begin with a 20 minute silent meditation.
  • This will be followed by 40 minutes of exploration, investigation, discussion, practice, question and answers.
  • The programs will end with a 30 minute silent meditation and everyone leaving in silence.

Everyone is welcome to attend the MNM as long as they agree to follow the four requests stated below:

  1. Be kind and respectful to all, including Tom, Bonnie and our home.
  2. Be silent except during satsang or in case of an emergency.
  3. Due to the health concerns arising from exposure to fragrances and scented products, The Awakened Heart Center has instituted a policy to provide a fragrance-free environment. Please do not wear any scented products. This is a requirement for attending The Monday Night Meeting.
    This means:
    No perfumes or colognes
    •  Do not wear clothes washed in scented detergents,
        fabric softeners, or dryer sheets.
  4. Be on time.

Weekend Intensives

Several times a year Tom offers weekend Intensives for those of us interested in deepening our realization of the truth through conscious living. The intensive consist of satsang, meditation and may also include sacred sounds, qigong, yoga, pranayama, walks, inquiry triads and other things.

The Intensives begin with a Friday night introduction and continue through Saturday evening. To be informed of upcoming intensive, please join our email list.

Thank you for your support!

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