When awakening happens, the mind’s need to understand disappears into the unconditional love and acceptance of the Heart.
-Tom Thompson

Sunday Morning Meditation and Conversation (Satsang)

Every Sunday, 11:00 am via Zoom
Everyone is welcome.
Tom has offered weekly meditation programs since 1982. In 1964, at the age of fifteen, Tom became a student of human psychology and a practitioner of the yogic pathways and enlightenment traditions. Tom has been blessed with the great fortune of training directly with a number of exceptional teachers in the USA, Quebec, and India. He was first certified to teach in 1971 and has been empowered to teach in three different traditions. In the 1980s, he created the courses The Foundations of Meditation; Kundalini, Evolution and Enlightenment; The Supreme Doctrine of Direct Recognition and The Yoga of Death and Dying among others. Tom has shared these teachings with thousands of people throughout the United States.
Tom is  offering weekly Sunday meetings on Zoom

There is no doubt that regular meditation develops a sane perspective. It is more clearly seen that we are all on this bus together, interconnected and interdependent, and if we are going to survive and thrive we need to learn to take care of each other.

Out of this basic sanity arises a deep wisdom and love that expresses through skillful and compassionate action. This is not a belief but a truth that has been scientifically validated many times.

Most people are deeply engaged in the on-going drama of their ‘me’ mind and never stop long enough to question whether any of what they are thinking and believing is actually true. This questioning is an act of existential courage that ultimately brings down the imaginary walls that separate us. This is true freedom.

– Tom Thompson